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For someone who are looking for the original swf files for there LG Chocolate Touch phones. I’m pretty sure these files are already all around somewhere in the net, but here’s a Dropbox link to them. Just attached here to give you an one more choice to download it. Have a good day. LG Cell Phone Software

LG Chocolate Touch original swf files download


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A tutorial of all the ways to watch live and recorded TV on the LG Chocolate Touch

1. VCAST Videos

VCAST videos is a pretty good way to watch recorded TV on the LG Chocolate Touch, and some of the recorded TV is to the day recent. VCAST videos includes NFL Network Live TV through the NFL Mobile app, and also has recorded TV through the normal VCAST app. LG Phone Problem and Solution

$3/day- includes unlimited access to VCAST Videos and unlimited data for 24 hours
$10/mo.- includes unlimited access to VCAST Videos, but will also require an unlimited data plan for an extra $29.99/mo.

To purchase, just open the VCAST Videos app and select a plan to sign up for. It will be charged to your bill. LG-Chocolate Touch info

2. Orb

Orb is a tool meant for streaming content from your computer to your LG Chocolate Touch, or pretty much any device. Orb supports streaming video, music, and photos from your computer. Video and music is streamed using the .3GP format, which is supported by the CT through the Browser. Orb is free, but to use it requires your computer to be running, so might not always be the best option.
To set up Orb:
1. Go to Orb.com and download Orb Classic
2. Go through the setup instructions and set up an account.
3. When it asks, set up the folders with your video, music, and photo files in them.
4. Go to my.orb.com on your LG Chocolate Touch(data charges will apply, of course!)
5. Go to settings at the bottom of the page
6. Go to the Stream tab on the settings page
7. Select3GP-AAC/RTSP format (.3gp) and click Save and Exit (If for some reason this doesn’t work, go back into settings and choose a different stream format.
8. Now you can go into the Videos and play videos from your computer or select Internet TV to play a stream from the internet. Some of the local channels in my area are available, and on my.orb.com on your PC you can add your own internet stream.

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In this guide, I’m going to show you how to tether your LG Chocolate Touch to your computer without getting charged $20 for Verizon’s tethering fee. You’ll still need an unlimited data plan, but you won’t need to pay $20 for tethering. Just a note, you won’t want to use this too much, this is just if you need internet on the go, or something like that. If you use alot of data, Verizon will catch on, and you’ll void your contract/warranty. As long as you don’t go over like 7 GB, you should be fine. Just be careful, technically you’re not supposed to do this! LG Phone Problem and Solution

Ok, to start, you need to set up your LG Chocolate Touch.

1. Go into Settings, then USB Auto Detection. Set it to Modem Only or always ask.
2. Close the settings.
3. Open the Dialer.
4. Type in ##PROGRAM8575 (##77647268575) then click CALL
5. Type in all 0 (zeros)
6. Tap Data, then MIP Settings.
7. Go down to the bottom of the list and tap NAI Settings.
9. In the text field, remove the dun. in the address. Then tap Done.
10. Now go to MIP DUN NAI. Do the same and delete the dun. in the address and tap Done.
11. Now press the End button. Your LG Chocolate Touch is now ready for free tethering.

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