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I’ve had my LG Vu Plus for a about 3 months. The LG Vu Plus was a really nice phone. After a bit(not long) you got used to this phone making it easy to use. Everyone says that battery life is a problem on touch screen phones, they don’t understand that the touch screen takes a lot of battery to use. Also if you want a good camera phone get a smartphone. Stop complaining.  LG-Vu-Plus info

The LG Vu Plus sets the bars high. It has internet, a keyboard, touch screen, descent camera, everything you would expect in a phone. Also there is something called a camera. Phones are for texting and calling. Camera and internet and all that are just extras. You can’t expect high cameras and good battery and good touch screen. For me I only charge the phone at night. I love it. The LG Vu Plus looks cool, it has good battery life and to be honest it is very light. All those who said it is heavy must be very very weak. The QWERTY keyboard keys are HUGE!!! The keyboard looks amazing it even has a text message key. LG Cell Phone Reviews

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It looks that LG Electronics decided to put more focus on the Android market 2010, and we’ve saw that a lots LG Android Smartphone so far have been released over the world. If you are LG fans, choose a favorite one for yourself now. LG Android Phones

LG Eve/Etna/Intouch Max GW620: LG has just officially announced its first Android Phone, LG GW620 Etna – a touchscreen handset with a side-sliding full QWERTY keyboard. While the company has yet to reveal many details about the LG GW620 Etna Android Phone, but the device will provide a 3-inch touchscreen display (most likely with HVGA resolution), a 5-megapixel camera, Bluetooth, USB, 3G connectivity, GPS, Wi-Fi, microSD card slot. It will likely be preloaded with Google software such as Google Maps, Gmail. LG Cell Phone Reviews



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I’ve just had the new LG Ally VS740 for a week and today I’ve to say, I quite like this phone. The keyboard is excellent, no learning curve, and the touchscreen is great. Could it be bigger? Yes, but (and I do have young eyes) with the excellent resolution, I don’t need to do a lot of zooming (plus, pinch zoom is so much fun to show people with Rogues who think they own a smartphone). LG Android Phones

I had a few lag issues the first night with the LG Ally VS740, but it may have had something to do with the 50 apps I installed, uninstalled, sometimes reinstalled as I got my first taste of the Android market. I used it for the first time in earnest today at work, and I think I’m going to be comfortable with leaving my laptop at home for short business trips. I was able to handle e-mails, fairly complex calendar entries, my to-do list, and a good deal of my daily browsing very comfortably, and without any more typos that I make on a full keyboard. I haven’t used previous versions of Android, but if 2.2 is even better I’m already drooling. LG Cell Phone Reviews

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We’ve see many reviews of the LG Cosmos but none of them is actual yet. Today I have an opportunity to play with the LG Cosmos for a few minutes at a Verizon store. My first impression of the LG Cosmos was that the build quality is not bad. The screen really a little small. The software was plain vanilla VZ, nothing at all to write home about.

Comparing it to my LG Env3, which WAS what we were all going to get pre-data mandate, there is NO comparison. Even ignoring software, the Env3 blows it away – better cam, better kb, better display. LG Cell Phone Reviews

I do think VZ really screwed the pooch on eliminating the MP3 player. It would have added NO complexity (buried in a menu) for "simple users", and would have added the "slam dunk" factor for those who are disgruntled about not being able to get the Env, etc anymore.

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I’ve got the LG Pop GD510 for about two months and I love it so much. My first impressions of the LG Pop GD510 was that it was small like they say a credit card size phone. LG-Pop info

Menu: the menu is really good and thought i like the way you can scroll in the first menu, and all other menu work great too.

Qwerty Keyboard (software made): It was a little small so I’m not accustomed to using the keyboard when typing a message at first. But now it’s ok! I can type really easily.

The LG Pop GD510 features a 3.0-inch WQVGA display, 3.0 megapixel camera, 8GB of internal storage memory and more, hope you love this phone, enjoy!

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I have had the LG eXpo for a week, I absolutely love this phone. My first impression of the LG eXpo was that it was so great, very nice and professional looking. LG-eXpo info

The LG eXpo runs windows mobile 6.5 so it has Word, PPT, Excel, OneNote, outlook and windows media player. Also included with the phone is a fingerprint scanner, it is so cool. You can set up your biometrics and use it to unlock the phone, but don’t be surprised if it takes more than a few swipes to recognize your fingerprint, you have to swipe slowly. Also, it traps dust. Touchscreen is not as good as the iPhone’s (my wife has an iPhone 3GS). The QWERTY keyboard is very nice, the keys are easy to press. The is a 5.0 MP camera great that can do just about everything. LG Cell Phone Reviews

Windows Mobile Phone is easy to use, however WM 6.5 isn’t the best OS in some aspects, the LG eXpo Windows phone does freeze sometimes, hope next version will fix it. The battery isn’t great. I have to charge my eXpo everyday.

Overall, This phone is very cool, but the software that comes with it out of the box is lacking and be prepared to spend much time researching to get some better apps.

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