Verizon LG G Vista VS880 starts receiving Android 5.1.1 Lollipop update

The LG G Vista VS880 for Verizon should start getting the update to Android 5.1.1 Lollipop today. This is according to the latest update information posted by the carrier itself, so it’s pretty much as official as it can be.

The update introduces the phone to Android 5.1.1 and software version VS88023A. This is a rather hefty update, you should make sure that you are hooked up to a Wi-Fi network when downloading and installing it. Furthermore, your battery should be charged to at least 50% before you begin the updating process.

To check for the update, open the Settings app, scroll down to and tap on System Updates, tap on Update LG Software, and then on “Check now” to query for the latest and greatest. If you do get the update, let us know by dropping your comments in the box below. Good Luck!


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LG Magna LTE H502 Root Guide

This root tool can help you root your LG Magna LTE with the Android Lollipop OS. All credit goes to XDA Forum Senior Member avicohh for releasing this all in one script tool for LG Magna LTE H502. This tool is very easy to use. All you have to select the option from the tool to root your device.

All things you will need:

How to Root LG Magna LTE H502 with Android Lollipop:

  1. Download and install LG USB Drivers on your PC
  2. Make sure your phone is in USB Debugging mode. (Setting -> About phone -> Software information -> tap 7 times on Build number -> Go back Setting -> Developer options -> Tick USB debugging). Plug phone to PC
  3. If you are using the GUI version just run the LG One Click Root installer, or if you are using the script then double click on the LG Root Script.bat file, to run the script.
  4. Now you will see a CMD window. Just hit any key on your keyboard to run the root script, then follow the instructions.
  5. After this your phone will be rooted in a few seconds and then it will reboot automatically
  6. Confirm root with rootchecker


  • If the phone not recognize, try to switch between MTP and PTP options.
  • If you got MSVCR100.dll is missing error, install Visual C++ Redistributable.Download: 32 bit / 64 bit.

The script tool now is also working for almost LG Android devices: ‘

  • LG G3 (all variants)
  • LG G3 Beat
  • LG G2
  • LG G2 Mini
  • LG G Pro 2
  • LG G Pad
  • LG F60
  • LG L90
  • LG Tribute
  • LG Spirit
  • LG Volt
  • LG G Vista

I have tried this guide on my LG Magna LTE H502 with Android 5.0.1 Lollipop without any problem.

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How to Flash / Unbrick LG Leon 4G LTE Back to Stock

Here is an easy guide on how to flash / unbrick LG Leon 4G LTE back to stock. It’s for people who have bricked their phone due to messing about with important files/partitions on their LG Leon 4G LTE and found that it won’t boot up and gets stuck in a boot loop.

Disclaimer: This guide is for MetroPCS LG Leon 4G LTE MS345 ONLY. DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK.

All files you will need:

  • LG USB Drivers: [Download]
  • LG Flash Tool 2014: [Download]
  • Official LG Leon 4G LTE Firmware: [Download]
  • Visual C++ Runtime Library (If you cannot run LGFlashTool2014.exe): [Download HERE]

How to Flash / Unbrick LG Leon 4G LTE Back to Stock Steps:

  1. Download all requirements, install LG USB Drivers, extract the LG flash tool zip file. And to make things a little easier, put the firmware in the same directory as where you extracted the flash tool files.
  2. Enter to Download Mode (Hold the Volume Up button until it reaches download mode) and plug USB into your PC
  3. Open the Flash Tool 2014
  4. Select Type: 3GQCT
  5. PhoneMode: EMERGENCY
  6. KDZ : locate your .KDZ firmware file
  7. Click on Normal Flash
  8. Click on Start
  9. Click on Clear update registry
  10. Country: different country
  11. Language: English
  12. Your progress bar on your phone should now be moving. Congrats, we’re almost done. If another smaller box pops up, just ignore it.

Simply wait for the progress bar on your phone to get to 100% and the phone should reboot, and everything will be nice and new again.

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LG G Watch R update brings Wi-Fi capabilities

LG now add support for WiFi communication to it’s G Watch R Android Wear in a new software upgrade going out today. You can see the “Wi-Fi settings” option and a listing of Wi-Fi hotspots in action on the LG G Watch R in the image below. This new update brings Wi-Fi support that means the watch will be able to carry on getting notifications, even if it is not connected to your phone via Bluetooth.

The software upgrade is being sent out OTA, aside from the aforementioned addition of WiFi communication we aren’t treated to much. We’re sure there are many under-the-hood changes that users won’t really notice, but whatever they are the company didn’t feel it necessary to list them. 

If you have yet to see the update, be patient. Interested users can check for the latest OTA update notification on their LG G Watch R via Settings > Software Update.


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The-LG-G-Watch-R-receives-Wi-Fi-capabilities-via-an-update The-LG-G-Watch-R-receives-Wi-Fi-capabilities-via-an-update-2

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Official LG Leon 4G LTE Firmware / ROM

Here are the official stock firmware / rom for LG Leon / LG Leon 4G LTE Android Smartphone. You can download these kdz files and use LG flash tool to flash / unbrick your device back to stock.

Note: All download files are from official LG Site. Flashing at your own risk, good luck.

Official LG Leon 4G LTE Firmware / Rom Download:















Official LG Leon Firmware / Rom Download:











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How to Unlock LG Leon

This is a tutorial on how to Enter Unlock Codes on LG Leon (Unlock Codes needed):

Unlocking an LG Leon is a quite simple process. Please follow these steps :

  1. Get the unique unlock code of your phone.
  2. Switch phone on with no SIM card
  3. Go to dial screen by clicking call button.
  4. Enter 2945#*Model number# to access the SIM Unlock hidden menu.
  5. Select Service Provider lock or Network Lock
  6. Enter the unlock code.
  7. Click Done.
  8. Click Unlock.

Tap the Dialer

  • For LG Leon MS345, type 2945#*345#
  • For LG Leon H340, H340Y, and H340N type 2945#*340#
  • For LG Leon H320 and H320N type 2945#*320#
  • For LG Leon H324 and H324N type 2945#*324#
  • For LG Leon H326 and H326T type 2945#*326#
  • For LG Leon H343 type 2945#*343#

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