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To flash the stock recovery on LG Ally, first off you must have a 100% stock rom and be rooted.

Flash the stock v8 rom using whatever recovery you are using.

After you flashed v8 rom install universal androot (you can use astro file manager to install androot) (go to settings>applications>allow unknown sources) and then root it
After your rooted open up command prompt then do these following commands:

  • adb shell
  • su
  • mount -o remount,rw -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock4 /system
  • cat /sdcard/flash_image > /system/bin/flash_image
  • chmod 755 /system/bin/flash_image
  • flash_image recovery /sdcard/stock_recovery.img
  • reboot

And that’s it! You have stock recovery so you now can download the ota update!
After you flashed the stock recovery on your LG Ally. Open up the phone dialer and push *#*#2432546#*#* and the update should start downloading. Go to setting>about phone>system updates to check.

LG Ally Custom Rom V8 Download

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Good news for the owners of the LG Ally smartphone out there. A firmware update for the Verizon LG Ally. This update is being made available as of the 28th of April, you will be notified by Verizon via a Text Message as follows:  LG Android Phones

“Free VZW Msg: Your LG Ally will receive a software update soon. Before you can receive this update, your Ally needs to install a small app. Just click on this link to begin installation, then select Market:” Or Scan the Code below with your Ally to be linked directly to updater Application.

LG Ally Android 2.2.2 Update brings are: LG-Ally info

  1. SMS messages sent without interruption.
  2. SMS messages delivered to the intended recipient.
  3. POP3 email that is downloaded from the server is now deleted from the device when deleted from the server.
  4. Improved performance when viewing email messages.
  5. Improved Car Home app when used in Spanish.
  6. iheartradio stations now play correctly.
  7. Dial # or * when using the keyboard in landscape mode.

How to Update LG Ally to Android 2.2.2

  1. Go into the market
  2. Search LG Electronics, INC.
  3. Download the app named Upgrade Utility for Ally
  4. There is your app.

The update is not the over-the-air, so you have to go the the market to download the app and install to your LG Ally. Good luck! LG Cell Phone Software

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Did your LG Ally lose the capability to sync your corporate calendar? Have you solved your problem? If not, don’t worry, I am going to list the settings on my LG Ally. Hope this will help you. LG Phone Problem and Solution

A couple of things to check (based on my phone set up, of course)

1. In the email settings for your corporate acct: menu –> Account Settings. Scroll down to "Incoming Settings" and make sure "Sync Contacts" and "Sync Calendar" are checkmarked. LG-Ally info

Above that, I have my "amount to synchronize" set to 1 month, and "email check frequency" set to automatic (push).

2. in your Calendar: menu –> More –> Calendars: find your "corporate" calendar in the list and make sure it says "synced, visible." if not, you can cycle through the choices by clicking on that Calendar entry.

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