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I’m thinking there is a big chance your cable is disfunctional sorry on LG Arena, however lets not give up hope yet. Try the following tips to get your LG Arena connected. LG Phone Problem and Solution

Follow these steps to fix the problem: LG-Arena info
1. install the PC Suite III from CDs or you can get it free from the net
2. install the Infineon flash usb
3. install LG USB modem driver ( optional )

after running all of the above
1. ON Bluetooth for both the Arena & PC firstly
2. open the PC Suite III application
3. insert the usb connector from the phone into the PC usb
4. you will see it is searching
5. press " how to connect "
6. (another application will appear) bluetooth connection wizard will find your " KM900 " in the Bluetooth devices list
7. wait till " Blutooth Device(s) found (count) :1 " – in red colour
then select & click the " KM900 ".
8. then press the " connect " button
9. wait till 2 – 3 sec then your are connected

And if this still doesn’t work, try disabling your Anti virus software and firewalls and it should work. If not then i think you probably have a faulty cable.

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