Bug fixes Update for CM9 on LG Optimus L3

So here is a guide to fix USB Mass Storage for LG Optimus L3 running CM9 OS.

Download the flashable zip: [Link1]  [Link2]

How to install:

  1. Install latest CM9 nightly via clockworkmod (Download)
  2. Do a cache wipe
  3. Apply cm9-20130311-charger-mass-encryption-update-gellmar.zip
  4. Reboot phone

Fixed issues in this update:

  1. Charger fix [e400-charger-fix]
  2. USB mass storage fix [e400-mass-storage-kernel-fix + e400-mass-storage-device-fix + e400-mass-storage-vold-fix]
  3. ICS native encryption fix [e400-ics-encryption-enable-fix]
  4. ADB suppress on charging fix [e400-disable-adb-on-charger-fix]


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  1. Hi I cant connect my device to PC especially the mass storage im using LG L3 e400 with CM-9-20130311-gellmar-e400. any help please.

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