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Broken Out ZVD ICS Rom is a very lightweight rom for LG Esteem built both for speed and stability.

This rom is based off of the latest LG update to Gingerbread 2.3.4 version ZVD. It is fully deodexed, and debloated. Almost all of LG has been replaced and as time goes by, I hope to remove the rest. Swype has also been changed to the newest Beta. A few items have been replaced with AOSP versions to increase speed and decrease size. Also included is the appwidgetpicker to clean that up.

How do I install Broken Out ZVD ICS Rom on LG Esteem?
1.) Download the .zip & make sure 4g is enabled.
2.) Place zip in external sdcard
3.) Back up
4.) WIPE DATA!!! (You do not need to wipe if already on BrokenOut!)
5.) Go to install zip from sdcard
6.) Select
7.) Do not wipe data after flashing!!!
8.) Reboot!
9.) To Block CIQ Logs Requires Reboot After Initial Boot

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