AT&T to offer LG Arena GT950?

You know the drill. Any news classified as a “rumor” should be taken at face value. That said, the latest word on the street has LG Arena GT950 coming to AT&T Wireless. Electronista reports that a variant of the LG Arena has been spotted in some pictures that have appeared online seem to indicate that the LG Arena GT950 will hitting AT&T’s network, but we’re not sure if it will be called Arena or not though (probably not). LG Cell Phone News

LG Arena GT950 Phone Photos – LG Cell Phone Pictures

LG_GT950_ATT_c LG_GT950_ATT1 LG_GT950_ATT_b


The LG Arena GT950 features include a 3" touchscreen with 800×480 pixels resolution, a 5 MP camera, GPS, WiFi, 8GB of internal memory and LG’s whizbang S-Class UI. The pricing or launch date was not mentioned,  but we guess the product it could be coming very soon. LG-Arena info

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  1. quisiera saber mas del celular que tengo es Fabricante LG Electronics
    Modelo GT950
    por que en el cd de instalacion solo viene sus caracteristicas pero no viene su harware quisiera mas informacion gracias

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