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AT&T LG Vu Theme – CIA Version 1.0 Download – The AT&T LG Vu Theme –CIA Version 1.0 is out which is the first theme produced by c0yled0tc0m.  Hope you like this theme, enjoy! He has been working on this theme to compliment his CIA Scheme, which was the plan from the beginning. LG Cell phone Software

AT&T LG Vu – Android Theme download – If you do decide to try this Android theme for your LG Vu, please remember to read the README, as some things in this theme may not be obvious and I’ve tried my best to keep it very short and informative. (Though that may have resulted in me missing some things) .  LG-Vu info

AT&T LG Vu – Pink Theme download – This LG Vu pink theme is really good for female members. Future versions will incorperate extended menus by Demon…, any updates with regards to further Paf Conversion, and most importantly, by special request, bubbles for keyboard.

AT&T LG VU – Red Theme v1.24 download – What is it? iPhone Theme v2.2 for the LG Vu. This adds a few iPhone-like features to your LG Vu. The slide to unlock feature is NOT a “real” slide to unlock, all of the hardware buttons will still function even when you are at the slide to unlock screen.

AT&T LG Vu theme – Slideshow2 – This is Slideshow2 0.1 theme for LG Vu made by turbomonkey. The backgrounds included in the Slideshow can be changed inside of Flash CS3/CS4. I will be making a guide on how later. For those that know how can.

AT&T LG Vu Revolution Theme DownloadATT LG Vu Revolution Theme features: – Folding Circular Tree navigation – All 3 versions compatible (CU920/CU915/TU915) – Unlimited wallpapers .jpg and .swf format (must be named in sequential order > 1.jpg, 2.swf, 3.jpg, 4.jpg, 5.swf and placed in "wallpapers" folder) – Customizable icons from .jpg files located in "icons" folder.

AT&T LG Vu Glassic Theme – The AT&T LG Vu Glassic Theme will be using the Glasklart icons and every element that i design in Photoshop will be based around the same style…i have also designed a Glasklart Dock Flow to go with the theme

AT&T LG Vu Theme – Homescreen v1.9 – The AT&T LG Vu Theme – Homescreen v1.9 is made from scratch but like i said…its made to use the Vu’s default menu, it’ll be updated sometime to version 2.0 and that will be the final release…no requests are being taken (or even read for that matter…lol) its not meant to be a long term job

AT&T LG Vu Theme – Slide Theme – The only differences between the original and the ported one is that the default icons are used. I’ve ported this to the Vu, with some very minor bugs right now, but none the less, everything functions. and remember, I take no responsibility for what you do, whether it be bricking your phone or dropping it from excitement.

AT&T LG Vu Theme – BlueIsland – I found a great AT&T LG Vu theme called ‘BlueIsland’ on lg-vu forum posted by Jeffery, I’m not the creator, I just copied to my blog to share to you, the wallpaper version now works as far as I’ve seen…and you also no longer HAVE to set a password when you turn the password feature on….it’ll be 0000 by default…have fun kiddies.

AT&T LG Vu Theme – BlackBerry Storm v2.0 – I found a great AT&T LG Vu theme called ‘Blackberry Storm v2.0’ on lg-vu forum posted by Jeffery, I’m not the creator, I just copied to my blog to share to you, I do not have a try by now, but someone on the forum have tested it and it works great.


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I bought LG Vu CU920 Phone (AT&T) a few weeks before christmas as my own present from! I love this thing and someone will probably have to pry it from my cold dead hands some day. There were 89 reviews with an average rating of 3.5. These ratings seem to be accurate as I too agree with their views after buying the product.

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