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NOTE: I’m NOT the original creator of the AT&T LG Vu Slide Theme, I only take credit for porting this onto the VuLG Cell phone Software

You can find the preview/video on the original theme here: The only differences between the original and the ported one is that the default icons are used. I’ve ported this to the Vu, with some very minor bugs right now, but none the less, everything functions. and remember, I take no responsibility for what you do, whether it be bricking your phone or dropping it from excitement.

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AT&- LG-Vu-Phone


P.S. The final update has been released and there will most likely not be further updates unless there is something of high importance that needs attention. LG-Vu info

Edit: The AT&T LG Vu Slide Theme is now by default included as a part of the Extended Interface Package, please see here for more information: Link

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