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The AT&T LG Vu Theme – Homescreen v1.9 was made just to change the way your homescreen looks…meaning…it still uses the Vu’s default menu…its pretty convenient if you ask me…hopefully you guys will like it too..i saw somewhere a while back that someone requested something like this so maybe this is what you were looking for…

NOTE: The AT&T LG Vu Theme – Homescreen v1.9 is made from scratch but like i said…its made to use the Vu’s default menu, it’ll be updated sometime to version 2.0 and that will be the final release…no requests are being taken (or even read for that matter…lol) its not meant to be a long term job… LG Cell phone Software

AT&T LG Vu Theme – Homescreen v1.9LG Cell Phone Pictures

AT&T LG Vu Theme – Homescreen v1.9


ok…with version 1.9 there are two things you should know…
1) the games & applications button is multifunctional…to access your games, just press the button…to access your applications…press and hold for about a half a second and let go…
2) when you click on the clock…the screen you see is usable…press and hold in the blank area for about a second and release to access the flashlight option (i plan on adding more here, just dont know what)…to leave the flashlight screen, just press the end key… ENJOY LG-Vu info


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