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Q1: Do I need a cable to put LG Vu themes on my phone? LG-Vu info
A1: Yes. You MUST have a USB Data Cable to install themes on your phone. The reason for this is that you must get into the phones "File System" to add the files necessary for adding the themes. LG Phone Problem and solution

Q2: Can I use Bluetooth instead of getting a Data Cable to add themes to my AT&T LG Vu?
A2: It is not recommended to use Bluetooth to add themes. It could lose connection mid transfer, and cause damage to your phone.

Q3: The iPhone Theme has a built in Lockscreen. Is there a way to disable the AT&T LG Vu’s Lockscreen, and use only the iPhone Theme’s?
A3: Yes. You can disable the AT&T LG Vu’s Lockscreen via the Phone Settings, and use the iPhone theme’s. Keep in mind that the iPhone Lockscreen is not a true lock, and some keys can still be pressed.

Q4: Can the Slide Theme have more than four Wallpapers?
A4: For now. No. The Slide theme is limited four Wallpapers. When that changes, it will be Posted.

Q5: Where can i find the Extended Interface Package?
A5: The Extended Interface Package can be found on the first post of this thread. Any Questions relating to it should be asked in that thread.

Q6: How do I install themes on my AT&T LG Vu?
A6: Our good friend Merman has made a Video Tutorial on how to install themes to your AT&T LG Vu.

Q7: What Programs do I need to create or modify Themes?
A7: There are two programs you will need to create or modify Themes.
      NOTE: We DO NOT advertise "Pirated Software" on this site. These are not free programs, but trials. It is recommended that you purchase these programs, because trials will cause BUGS in your finished projects.
The first program you will need is Sothink SWF Decompiler to extract the Source Files (FLA’s) from your .SWF files. Instructions on how to do this are HERE
The second program you will need is Adobe Flash CS4 to modify your Decompiled .SWF files, or create new ones.

Q8: Why do my themes only work with a 2gb micro SD card and not my other cards that also have the themes
folder as well?
A8: If you have more than one microSD card you use for themes and you find out that it constantly loops or reboots (does not go to main menu screen) when you change cards then this is for you:
To have and use multiple cards:
1) All the themes folder (and possibly any other wallpapers if you didn’t install the EIP and themes "fresh") must be
    on all the cards
2) When you install the EIP package initially, do not put any of the cards in that has the Themes folder on it
3) Turn the phone on first. You will get the theme error loading. This is good, not bad.
4) Now insert any of the cards and they all should work when you interchange them (Note: If you have already done this and they are not working, then try this on one of the non-working cards…delete 4 files: one is on the phone in LGAPP/Media/DB called MTPDBCRC.bin. The other three is on the card: MTP folder, and the other two bin files. These files are always created when the phone recognizes it for the first time so you are not losing anything.

Q9: How do I set my Default (loaded first) theme in the Theme Manager?
A9: You can set any Theme as your Default by editing your first line of code in the Themelist.txt to be loaded first. The instructions for this are also included with the EIP.

Q10: How do I change the wallpapers in my themes?
A10: Each theme has it’s own Folder for holding the wallpapers. Some include an .xml file as well. It really depends on which theme you are working with. First We”l start with the iPhone theme. Just locate the "wall" Folder, and replace the .swf files with the ones of your choice.
NOTE: Make sure you rename the new wallpapers are named the same as the ones you’re replacing.

Q11: Can I set a dialpad to match a theme?
A11: As of this time. No. Though you can set a Defualt Dialpad to work with you Default Theme.


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