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ATT LG Vu Theme Revolution Version 0.5 (Rev6)
This is my first attempt at a theme for this phone. It’s been interesting to say the least and definitely won’t be the last. I very much appreciate everybody who has helped out during the beta development stages, and those of you that will be testing this "hopefully" finalized version.  LG Cell phone Software

ATT LG Vu Revolution Theme features:
– Folding Circular Tree navigation
– All 3 versions compatible (CU920/CU915/TU915)
– Unlimited wallpapers .jpg and .swf format (must be named in sequential order > 1.jpg, 2.swf, 3.jpg, 4.jpg, 5.swf and placed in "wallpapers" folder)
– Customizable icons from .jpg files located in "icons" folder

ATT LG Vu Revolution Theme Future Updates
This theme has had me busy for a month and has been tested and probed as much as I think is possible. I am open to new feature suggestions, but I will be starting a new theme once this one is approved as "final", so updates may take a minute. If you find any problems at all that could be classified as a bug, I will fix it ASAP, however. LG-Vu info

ATT LG Vu Revolution Theme download link

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