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If you want a miniature preview check out the iPhone Glasklart Theme designed by "Max Rudberg" down at MacThemesForum. LG Cell phone Software

The AT&T LG Vu Glassic Theme will be using the Glasklart icons and every element that i design in Photoshop will be based around the same style…i have also designed a Glasklart Dock Flow to go with the theme…the template is available along with the Glasklart Theme and also a screenshot of what you can expect…other than the things mentioned…the theme is in no way made to look like an iPhone theme…also don’t hesitate to throw a compliment at Max…he does some really nice work…ALSO also…as of now…i’m photoshopping some pictures from HYBRID WORKS for different elements of the theme…you may want to check out that site just to wow yourself for a sec…some of the designs are pretty darn amazing..the site itself is a marvel…with that said…have fun people.  LG-Vu info


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