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The AT&T LG Incite phone has a lots bad reviews on AT&T official website (I think that ia because everyone compares it to the iPhone). I got the Incite one month ago, and now I’m so glad I didn’t buy into the bad reviews. LG Cell phone Reviews

I was a proud LG Shine owner until i went to the AT&T to see what’s free and new (bad habit ) and fell into shock when i saw the LG Incite for free. A Touchscreen phone with a 3 megapixel camera, headphone jack, and WIFI!. I knew i had to have and had a free line left so i did. LG-Incite info

Three days pass. Indeed a small package was next to the door. In it was a Data Cable, a stylus,and a battery (also a AT&T LG Incite with a Battery cover yay!). However i was reading this forum before i received the phone and prepared active sync with .net 3.5. I instantly installed it and let the fun begin. SO MANY FEATURES MY HEAD COULD SPIN. I was connecting to WIFI here and there, and everything was wonderful.

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More time passes. So many different problems begin. complexions with everything. However i would still stick with the incite thick and thin, And then i found out about Ftouchflo and though "Oh boy finger scrolling" but something went wrong and i could not use my touchscreen. So the first hard reset had to made at 3 days.

It all begins to make sense. When i installed Google Maps on my AT&T LG Incite i could not scroll through the maps at all, and the jog wheel could only move up and down, but i had an idea. I went to Gestures and enabled it for Google maps, and finally i had my first taste of what was to come. Then i knew i had to find a way to hook Incite up to my computer using Removable Storage. I found one app but it didn’t cut the mustard. And then i met WMStorage which was wonderful. i installed all of the S2 apps, and Youtube play but something was missing. A nice Today Screen. I found m2d but simply could not get it to work. Until i discovered Throttle Launcher. And it even had a Thouchflo skin. I also installed Throttle Explorer.

So there you have it after all of the work i put in to it i have made the AT&T LG Incite into my Finger Friendly USB Mass Storage capable device, and you know I don’t want any other phone. I love my AT&T LG Incite.

AT&T LG Incite Specifications

  • Frequency: GSM/GPRS/EDGE (850/900/1800/1900 MHz), 3G UMTS/HSDPA (850/1900/2100 MHz)
  • Dimensions: 4.21 x 2.2 x 0.55 inches
  • Weight: 4.23 ounces
  • Display: 3-inch Touch screen display with a resolution of 240 x 400 Pixels
  • Camera: 3 megapixels camera
  • Operating System: Windows Mobile 6.1
  • Music player: Windows Media Player Mobile 10
  • Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g
  • Internal memory: 256 MB ROM, 128 MB RAM
  • Expandable memory: microSD(TM) (up to 32 GB)
  • Battery: 1300 mAh Lithium-ion polymer battery
  • Talk time: Up to 8.7 hours
  • Standby time: 21 days

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