AT&T LG G Flex D950 Hotspot Hack

Ok, so here it is (drum roll) LG G Flex D950 Hotspot hack. I do not take responsibility for doing this I simply tried it on my device and it worked.

AT&T LG G Flex D950 Hotspot hack:

  1. Download SQLite Editor (I have the paid version)
  2. Open the file – /data/data/
  3. There’s a field named ‘tether_entitlement_check_state’. in System. Original value is set to 5. Changed it to 0 and save
  4. Reboot the phone
  5. Enjoy tethering using AT&T app, not necessary to install any other app.

USB tethering works great too.

Not sure if this hack works for other versions, anyway I’m using the app that came pre-installed, it is part of AT&T bloatware.

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