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Hello all, for months now people have been asking how to apply themes and want a clear set of instructions on how to do so. I have been very busy lately with work and holidays but finally now have the time to post a tutorial. I hope you lot find this useful and you can use this to make your LG Cookie a little more interesting. LG Cell Phone Software


The following tutorial works with Windows XP but I believe that it can be adapted to work on Windows Vista. I however have only ever performed this under the ‘Windows XP Home’ Operating System. Please do not post questions about how to do this on Vista as I do no know how to. If you are going to try it under Windows Vista recognize that this is at your own risk, and I am not liable for if you encounter problems with your computer or phone from doing so. LG Phone Problem and Solution

Okay, now that I hope that is cleared up, lets begin the process:

Step 1) Download the zipped file that has been provided in the first post, as well as WinImage (Winimage: http://www.winimage.com/download.htm)

Step 2) Unzip the contents of the ‘LG KP500 Utils + LG KP500.flb’ to your DESKTOP (This makes things alot easier in the next few steps) – Ensure that all .DLL and other files are kept (they are safe but are needed for LG Utils to function)

Step 3) Install Winimage onto your computer

Step 4) On your desktop you should have the KP500.flb file. Make sure to pay attention with this step: Transfer the KP500.flb file to your C:/ drive (Open My Computer > C:/ > Drag & Drop or Copy the file and paste it in, whichever your prefer) DO NOT PUT IT INTO A FOLDER SUCH AS PROGRAM FILES, IT SHOULD SIMPLY SIT ON THE C:/ DRIVE FILE LIST!

Leave all of your other .DLL and .EXE files on the DESKTOP.

Okay, now we have the necessary software and preparation to start the transfer and alteration of certain Cookie compatible themes  LG-Cookie info

Step 5: You now need to TURN OFF your LG Cookie and also REMOVE THE BATTERY – I cannot stress how important this is. If you do not turn the phone off or remove your battery then you could ‘brick’ your phone rendering it useless. If you do brick the phone then you will have to ‘flash’ it, which is a long and quite difficult process.

Step 6: Connect your LG Cookie to a USB connection of your computer. Now this is not as straight forward as it seems and many people get errors because of a bug that is found in the KP500-UTILS-EN.exe program. From what I have found, you should dedicate a certain USB port for modding your LG Cookie. Once you have found a USB port that you will use (needs to be USB 2.0) then you will need to plug in your phone via the USB connection lead that came with the phone. MAKE SURE THE PHONE IS TURNED OFF AND THE BATTERY IS REMOVED.

Step 7: Once the phone is connected your computer/windows should recognize that a new hardware device has been found. A short sound should be played and a notification icon should appear in the bottom right. Windows XP will explain that a ‘USB Flash’ driver is needed and will ask you to either allow it to automatically search on the internet for one or to insert a disk/file. Instruct Windows to ‘Search for drivers automatically. A driver should be downloaded HOWEVER, it will say that the driver is not digitally signed. MAKE SURE TO SELECT ‘CONTINUE ANYWAY’ Hopefully now the phone should now be recognized by Windows as a flash device and not the LG KP500.

Step 8: Once everything has been installed, select ‘safely remove hardware’ and then remove the phone from the USB lead. I would reccomend restarting your computer at this point just to allow the driver to integrate into the system properly and to stop any unecessary programs running that could cause a conflict.

Step 9: Remove ALL other USB devices from their ports before turning your computer back on. Once removed, log into your desktop (you must be an administrator as a guest account will have restrictions on it which will not allow you to use the programs needed)

Step 10: Wait until your computer has finished booting and your desktop is stable. (so we can begin to play with the themes without crashing)

Step 11: Open ‘KP500-Utils.exe’ which should be on your desktop. – Now Im sure im not the the first to say, but it is not the prettiest looking of programs, however it does work!

Step 12: VERY IMPORTANT: Backup your phones CUST (system files folder) from your phone!!!!!! (If anything goes wrong you will be able to rescue your phone! [if you do not backup then you are risking losing alot of time and complication trying to get it working again lol]

To do this you must:(Once KP500-Utils.exe is open)

Press the ‘D’ key on your keyboard and hit ‘Enter’

KP500 Utils will now ask you to enter a USB port. If you have done the previous steps correctly it should read:

Choice: d
Version of DLL: 4.4,2.0
USB Port <Ex: \\.\USB1>:

When at this stage type ‘\\.\USB1’ on your keyboard and press ‘Enter’ – Note, they must be backward slashes or this will not work.

Okay, now you should be asked for a ‘Sec-pack file’ (This is where KP500.flb comes into the process)

Type ‘C:\KP500.flb’

You will finally be asked for a ‘Data file’. Type ‘CUST’ on your keyboard and GET READY to hit enter. (Don’t actually do this yet!)

Before hitting enter, you will need to make sure that your phone is at hand. Plug the USB cable into your computer but NOT into the phone yet. ONCE AGAIN, MAKE SURE THAT THE PHONES BATTERY IS REMOVED BEFORE PROCEEDING. Once this has been done take not that once you hit Enter on KP500-Utils.exe you will have about uner 10 seconds to plug your phones USB lead in.

Okay, hit enter on KP500UTILS-EN.exe and it should say ‘Port Open… PLUG THE PHONE’. Plug your phone in as quickly as you can! This will make sure that the phone is connected.

Hopefully if all has gone well you will now have the CUST on your phone backed up to your desktop (it will take a few minutes as it around 127 MB in size)

Once the file is completely transferred and KPUtils notfies you that it has finished, remove your phone.

NOW MAKE A BACKUP! Copy and paste your new CUST file into a place where you know it will be safe. (Note COPY, not drag & drop)I would reccomend making a copy to a removable storage device like a USB pen drive or CD. You should now have to copies of your CUST file. One on your desktop and one in a safe storage area.

Step 13: Right, now that we have a copy of your phones CUST file, we can start changing things on your Cookie. Open WinImage (which should have been installed earlier). Now drag and drop your CUST file onto the WinImage window. This should open up your CUST file and display various folders of the LG Firmware.

Step 14: Navigate through the navigation pane (at the left hand side of WinImage) to the folder ‘LGAPP’ and then into the foler ‘DMF’. You can now simply replace these files with content that has been provided on this forum or on www.mylgcookie.com. An example of this would be taking these Prada 2 DMF files I uploaded onto www.mylgcookie.com – http://www.mylgcookie.com/index.php/topic,3053.60.html

Look at page 5 and a .zip file is about half way down the page. Download that to your computer.

To do this step, I will give an example on how to replace a file and then you can continue the rest yourself.

In your CUST that is open in WinImage you should have the ‘DMF’ folder open. Inside the DMF Folder there should be a folder called ‘TopMenu’. Inside this folder there will be a file called ‘TopMenu.dmf’. DELETE THIS FILE.

Now take the new ‘TopMenu.dmf’ (that I provided in the .zip file from mylgcookie.com) and drag & drop it into the ‘TopMenu’ folder in WinImage (where the old one used to be).

You will now have a new main menu when you send the theme to your phone!

Mostly it is self explanitory as to where you will find certain files that control certain things. E.g. The bluetooth control screen is found under ‘Bluetooth’ – Some others however, like MusicPlayer are found under the folder ‘Common’.

Take what parts of the Prada/Italian theme you want, so if you dont want the new music player, just leave your original file and do not replace it.

NOTE: There is a folder called ‘New Web Browser’. This is a work of mine and needs to be applied differently. I will explain how to do this on another tutorial so for now, you can just leave it.

Finally save your new CUST that includes all the changes you want to make. MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT CHANGE ITS NAME FROM ‘CUST’

Step 15: All that needs doing now is to send the new CUST to your phone!

To do this:

Open KP500-Utils-En.exe

This time you will need to press ‘C’ on your keyboard to choose the option of sending your CUST partition. Hit Enter.

Like before, you will be asked for a USB port. Again, enter ‘\\.\USB1’

When asked for the Sec-Pack file again enter ‘C:\KP500.flb’

When asked for the Data File type ‘CUST’

Now, like before you will have to plug in your phone ONCE THE BATTERY HAS BEEN REMOVED. After typing ‘CUST’ and hitting enter, quickly plug in your phone. You should hear Windows recognising the device and the data will begin the transfer process.

Once it is complete you will be notified by a noise by Windows and also KP500-Utils-EN will say that the process is complete.

Step 16: Unplug your phone and re-insert the battery.

Step 17: Enjoy your new theme!

Few notes for further reading: Many users upload themes as CUST files. This is more dangerous though as if they use a different firmware version your phone will be bricked if you use it. You can however get the DMF folders out! Download their CUST, Open it with WinImage and find the DMF folders. Copy these to your desktop by dragging and dropping them over. Now that you have the necessary DMF folders and files, you can replace the files in your phones CUST in the same way as described before.

I hope that this helps you all with modding your phone. Any content that is uploaded to the other areas of this forum would help me alot and would be very much appreciated as this tutorial took me quite a while to write.

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Dr. J P on 5 December, 2009 at 11:54 pm #

There was a problem in Step 12.

When I hit enter after typing CUST & immediately connected my phone, I got an Error message that “For NAND systems an EBL must be injected. None was found.”
Kindly help.
Dr. J

enozat on 11 December, 2009 at 2:56 am #

this is none sense…unless you gave us a site where we can download the KP500.flb and everything for free…

N!L on 21 February, 2010 at 12:41 pm #

ya…i hv d same problem as Dr. J P

macac pe mata on 10 June, 2010 at 9:04 am #

this is a f u c k i n g shit.usseles, it does not work. f a g g o t!!

Tadeas on 28 September, 2010 at 2:50 am #

I have same problem…

RAMONE on 1 October, 2010 at 8:44 am #

It DOES work …. you only need to uninstall all your USB drivers, and reinstall them in order for this to work …

amit on 29 August, 2011 at 11:07 am #

i got problm
it shows error during readin\writeing…..
& for nand sys. e

amit on 29 August, 2011 at 10:00 pm #

i have prblm that it showing file CUST not found

easy on 19 November, 2011 at 2:28 pm #

When I hit enter after typing CUST & immediately connected my phone, I got an Error message that “For NAND systems an EBL must be injected. None was found.”

Dino on 16 February, 2012 at 11:36 am #

I stuck in step 7

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