Here we are today, Google has started pushing the Android 4.3.3 Kitkat update to all Nexus devices (specifically the Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 7, Nexus 10, and Google Play editions of the Galaxy S4, HTC One M7 and HTC One M8).

As its number designation implies, this is not a big update. As such, don’t expect any feature additions (or not big ones, anyway). This update should be focused on cleaning out the remaining bugs in the 4.3 release.

The new firmware is available over the air and will bring your Nexus device slate to the latest Android version. Charge your phone 75 percent and then attempt to download the update by going to Settings > About > System updates on either device.



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julie on 6 August, 2014 at 1:53 pm #

3:09 PM Julie Charbonneau: I own the nexus 5 I have a serious problem I can be heard by anyone unless on speaker and I can’t speak and text at all. I have been reading up online and it seems many people are having the same issue. well I already sent one nexus 5 back to my phone company(tmobile)and it was insured but they told me that it had water damage when i never had got it wet nor had it in moist places. but had to pay the $150 replacement fee anyways. i don’t want to have to do that again. please help me or dissapoint me
3:11 PM michelle: Hello, good afternoon! I’ll be more than glad to assist you today!
3:11 PM michelle: I really apologize that you are having this problem. This unit hasn’t been dropped or exposed to any liquid or foreign substance, right?
3:11 PM michelle: And have you tried resetting it by any chance at the store?
3:13 PM Julie Charbonneau: no it’s not been dropped or got wet it’s the 2nd one and a lot of people are saying the same about their nexus 5 yes i have tried resetting
3:14 PM michelle: According to the information from the LG Electronics technicians and customers, no. There is no recall or known issue on the phone acting like this. Sorry.
3:14 PM michelle: If the phone is not working properly and you did tried all the troubleshooting steps, in order for us to repair or replace the unit, what we can offer would be warranty service.
3:14 PM michelle: This is the way the warranty service works here:
3:14 PM michelle: The limited warranty that we offer is valid for 12 months with the copy of the receipt and it covers only manufacturing defects, no liquid, physical or cosmetic damages, otherwise charges may apply for the repair on the unit. The process takes 5-7 business days, and the only cost that you need to cover would be shipping and handling by sending the defective unit to us and we cover the shipping back with Fedex.
3:20 PM Julie Charbonneau: so i would be without a phone for a week when it’s more of a business phone then a social thing. plus take the risk of you people telling me that there was damage on my part (like tmobile had) there for going without a phone even longer. plus the cost of another replace. and you just stated there has been no known issues of this problem when I can show pages of people reporting the same problem on many different costumer review sites.?
3:21 PM michelle: I can imagine your concern and frustration and I do apologize about this, because that would be the evaluation determined by the LG technicians once they received the unit here, they are the ones that determine if the phone is under the warranty or not. Sorry.
3:22 PM michelle: Since LG Electronics do not have any local store that you can take it to, they can only do repairs if you send it via mail. They only have parts to do repairs.
3:23 PM michelle: As long as the phone has no damage and there is a sales receipt, it should be covered under the warranty. But, that would be evaluated by the LG technicians once they inspect the unit. I cannot assure their evaluation, sorry.
3:24 PM Julie Charbonneau: ok i get the whole inspection problem and do understand that process but i have sent one back already and they had told me it had damage i don
3:28 PM Julie Charbonneau: don’t believe that is true and of course no one locally to look and go over that with me just HAVING to take it for what finalized as my fault with no showing of it costed me $150 and now once again no local service and i really don’t want to not trust the companies word but when its costing me time money and customers its kinda hard . you know once bitten twice shy
3:31 PM michelle: I can imagine and I am sorry, I wish I could offer you some sort of assurance regarding this, but it is all determined by the LG technicians, sorry.
3:32 PM michelle: As a customer service agent I just do not have any authority or control over the policies and the evaluations from the technicians to determine the resolution of the repair.
3:33 PM Julie Charbonneau: then is there away i can speak to the techs. that would decide and repair and most of explain the problem to me?
3:33 PM michelle: They do not take calls, or chats. Sorry. They only evaluate the units once they receive it at the facility.
3:41 PM Julie Charbonneau: so the customer has no way of being shown their fault or explained to the issues? that don’t even sound like a semi good customer relationship. it pretty much says i have no room for a dispute or a promise that anything is in my best interest as a valued customer. that sucks seems pretty one sided and like big business really don’t have to explain or show reasoning if they do decide to take more of my money. sorry but you are working for selfish sounding people. no worries i understand a person has to get paid and work. thank you for your time i really am grateful you took it.
3:44 PM michelle: I apologize as an Agent I just do not have the authority to approve any other alternative option for you, sorry. I wish I could. I can file a complaint on your behalf with the proper department and inform them about this.
3:44 PM Julie Charbonneau: please do
3:44 PM michelle: In that way they can be aware of your dissatisfaction. I appreciate your comprehension towards me.
3:45 PM michelle: You can submit a request online via email as well, so they can file a report there too:
3:45 PM michelle: %LF:ForcePage% https://www.lg.com/us/support/message-customer-support
3:45 PM michelle: No problem. Feel free to contact us back if you need further assistance at anytime please.
3:45 PM michelle: You are very welcome! Thank you for choosing LG Electronics, you have a nice day and take care!
3:45 PM michelle: =)
3:46 PM Julie Charbonneau: no worries i do understand you can only do what your job/employer allows . you to have a nice day everyday. thank you once more, Michelle
3:47 PM michelle: Thanks, you too! Take care. Bye Bye ***

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