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Hi guys. Attached is a version of Adobe Flash that supports ARMv6 processors. It works on the Optimus S and V, but I’ve yet to try it on an LG Optimus Slider. It should work though since they all have ARMv6. Thanks to Jameslepable for the initial find and 4pda for the build.


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Anonymous on 3 June, 2012 at 4:16 pm #

Well then try these (all for the armv6 devices)
Adobe Flash Player 11.1
Adobe Flash Player 10.3
Adobe Flash Player 10.2
Adobe Flash Player 10.1
There are in rar form so extract them and install the .apk inside
From MaiPad Website

Confirmed working on most armv6 from [APP] Official Adobe Flash Player 10.3 Final – For ARMv6 – xda-developers

Also, if these don’t work keep searching yourself, there is bound to be one that works. I did the same thing until I found one that worked on my armv6 Optimus V. Try dolphin browser as it’s supposed to work best with these versions of flash.

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