Adding Incoming TXT Messages Ringtones on LG Vu

Adding Incoming TXT Messages Ringtones on LG Vu Instructions:
   1. Install software listed above
   2. Hook up phone
   3. Launch BitPim (if using EFS, skip to step 12)
   4. BitPim should show "Other CDMA phone on COMx" (where x is the COM port being used)
   5. Choose Edit, Settings
   6. Change Phone Type to "LG-VX8700" (this is the CDMA version Shine)
   7. Click OK to close
   8. Choose View, View Filesystem
   9. Click the Filesystem icon
  10. Click the expand button beside "/"
  11. It will say "Retrieving" for a minute or two
  12. Expand to the following directory: /LGAPP/Media/Midis/RingTone
  13. Add whatever MP3 ringtones you want by right-clicking on RingTone folder and selecting "New File …"

And a few final things to note:  LG-Vu info
    * You can also modify sounds in other folders but you can generally only replace existing ones (ie. the new files must have the same name)
    * There is still a size restriction of 300kB on the ringtone MP3s so you can’t use a full song
    * You can bypass the Java security restrictions by modifying the .pol files under /LGAPP/Media/Java/cert/

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