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  1. The Stock Firmware of LG Leon 4G LTE can not be found if i click the link.
    Can you reupload it please?


  2. can you please get me a download link for the following tab

    V11a: BIN_LGV909AT-00-V11a-OPN-US-MAR-08-2012_0.zip

    will be a great help, the above link is dead

  3. Ls,

    You are the last, but never the less most important person for my question.

    Probably you can help me.
    I have a LG g pro2 F350k from fastcardtech.
    I have tried everything what is possible to do, in getting 3G on my phone. In the Netherlands Simyo/KPN MCC 204 MNC 08 with freq GSM 900 1800 UMTS 2100.
    (Provider Simyo, KPN the network, and a phone store; LG europe will not help it is a phone not for our market. – Yeh it is still a LG. Not quite customer friendly for your own product – )

    Seems that sometghhing is holding the 2100 up. Is it the OLEH or LG software, some hidden setting for Europe or unfortunatelly the hardware. While the phone is giving in the hidden menu WCDMA 850 – 1900 – 2100 it should easilly be working.

    I hope you had some more questions about this and give me a help or just the anwer ‘It will not work’!.

    Many Thanx in advance,

  4. I have a LG Xenon GR500. Recently, the messaging function stopped arranging in conversation mode (I understand they all stopped showing this way on NYE 2015) and now all messages stack by either sender and receiver. I am not able to get the latest software update using the LG update tool. It runs v10f-MAR-04-2009-ATT-UA.
    Can you help me with this? I need to get the update installed and I need to fix the text function so it shows up in chronological conversation mode.

  5. Hi… I was trying to download the european stock rom for LG H340, but the site says “not found”.

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