2008 New LG Cell Phones Reviews

LG cell phones are usually in a clamshell form factor and mostly CDMA but there are also some GSM models. LG cell phones generally don’t allow for custom ringtones to be easily uploaded in a free, do-it-yourself manner. However, there are some thrid-party solution such as the Bitpim software, but it also requires to purchase an LG data cable.

LG VX8300 cell phone – CDMA                                 LG VX8300 cell phone photos

 LG VX8300 cell phone



LG tg800 Chocolate cell phone – A GSM phone that weighs 2.92 ounces.LG tg800 Chocolate cell phone photos

 LG TG800 Cell Phone



LG ux210 cell phone – A CDMA phone that weighs 3 ounces.LG ux210 cell phone photos

 LG ux210 Cell Phone



LG ax390 cell phone – CDMALG ax390 cell phone photos

 LG AX390 Cell Phone



LG VX8700 cell phone – A CDMA phone that weighs 3.77 ounces.LG VX8700 cell phone photos

LG VX8700 Cell Phone

LG VX8700 Cell Phone Reviews

LG enV VX9900 & VX8700 Cell Phone Reviews

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