After some experimentation I cleaned up these instructions a little bit and confirmed this method works for me. Here’s what I did, real easy:

How to flash / unroot LG G Watch R

  1. Download Stock Boot, Recovery and System.img
  2. Enter into fastboot mode
  3. Replace boot.img, recovery.img and system.img with their respective filenames
  4. Flash boot boot.img
  5. Flash recovery recovery.img
  6. Flash system system.img
  7. Reboot and enjoy

Disclaimer: I am not responsible if you use this and brick your device or if your device blows up, implodes, catches on fire or it starts WWIII. Use at your own risk.

LG G Watch R Phone Photos – LG Cell Phone Pictures


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Here is the fully stock Boot.img, Recovery.img and System.img for LG G Watch R. There are no modifications to any of these. This is all we have until LG and Google releases new factory images.

The system.img provided below are stock and not rooted. If you want to go completely stock, just flash all the 5.0.1 images below.



Source XDA

LG G Watch R Phone Photos – LG Cell Phone Pictures


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I always see people asking how to get the download url every time there’s an ota, so I thought I’d post this where it can be found.

Stock LG G Watch R OTA URL Downloads:

How to flash / unbrick / unroot LG G Watch R:

  1. Requirements:
    • Stock recovery
    • Unmodified /system
    • Unlocked bootloader
    • Basic understanding of command line/shell (to unlock bootloader)
  2. Unlock your bootloader
  3. Enter recovery mode via onscreen buttons
  4. Enable recovery ui
  5. Set up adb
  6. Select apply update from adb
  7. enter into command prompt: "adb sideload <path to saved>

LG G Watch R Phone Photos – LG Cell Phone Pictures


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